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    If you've ever played iOcarina on the iPhone or Zelda, then you would know how great of an addition an ocarina app would be. The way iOcarina works is that you you can play tunes that can be heard across the globe as well as listen to other people from around the world. Even though the pre is not as wide spread as the iPhone, its s a pretty neat concept.

    I'll provide more information later.

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    Well I have talked with the developers of the Ocarina app, which is made by Smule. They currently have no plans for the Pre.

    They said their Ocarina app wouldn't be possible on the Pre because the Pre doesn't have multi-touch support and their app requires it.

    Does anyone know if this is true? I am pretty sure the Pre has the best multi-touch capacitive screen out there
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    The Pre does support multi-touch, but I have not seen anyone make use of it other than the pinch zoom feature. The Ocarina app on the Iphone has four places to touch at once. While I am pretty sure the Pre can accomplish this, I don't think that they have provided the means to access that feature.
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    It'd be interesting to see if anyone has gotten into the code and been able to activate that feature.

    If any of you are up to it, feel free. The 4-point multi-touch would be useful for an infinite number of future apps besides an Ocarina app.
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    Surprising; what I know of Ocarina, I thought the big issue would be the sound processing capability which is CPU-intensive as it is, even on the iPhone with the native SDK and pretty good sound support. I would not expect the Mojo SDK to be able to support that aspect of the app. Multi-touch seems trivial in comparison.

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