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    hello people. youll be proud to know that it took me less that four hours to read up on rooting and successfully execute multiple patches. funny thing is, i really dont know what im doing. so i want to thanks everyone that makes this community tick.

    i have tons of questions but ill keep reading for the sake of being branded a cliche noob. anyway, i do have a question for which i could not find the answer here or web search. when i installed optware it asked me for a password which i typed. then when i didnt see any text typed so i typed it again and probaby swiped my keyboard to see if any thing came out. i pressed enter and did the same thing again. well, i found out later that i could make a second account and i made sure of course that i did i correct.

    also, when i was first setting up optware it asked if i want to use evdo, wifi or both. i chose evdo which i feel was wrong. i want to use both in putty.

    how can i change the evdo wifi setting.
    and how can i retrieve my first accounts password. and if i do retieve it..will using that account interfere with my previous patches?
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    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    can u please elaborate on "UH"?
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    I'm not sure on how to enable wifi and evdo. I think you'll need to edit some text files by hand, probably ones in /etc/events.d. If you're not comfortable with that, you can always just run that script again. I think they wrote it so that running it again won't hurt anything or mess anything up.

    As for the first user you created, it's a simple thing to change its password. SSH to the Pre, become root (type "sudo -i"), and then type "passwd" followed by the username. For instance, to change the password for a user called joe, you would type "passwd joe" and it'll ask you for the new one.
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    i already ran optware over the first installation and was able to set up another user/password.

    how do you completely uninstall optware?

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