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    Any way anybody can come up with an app like papi jump/ doodle jump like on the iphone
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccunit1995c View Post
    Any way anybody can come up with an app like papi jump/ doodle jump like on the iphone
    In the works, Something similar, Wellow, Same idea, different controls.

    Forums webOS • View topic - Wellow - Upcoming Jumping Game
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    plus 2million!!!
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    Papi Jump is a very simple game, but the most addicting game on the iPhone. Would love for it to be on the Pre.
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    I second this motion, Doodle jump is so addictive. I love not having to touch the screen (occasionally to fire) and just tilting back and forth. I don't really want a different interface. I want a doodle jump clone.
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    Now that we are getting Angry Birds, anyone think we can convince the doodle jump dev to jump on board??
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    we have skyclimber....
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    I like Cloud Hopper. You have characters you can chose from, you can post your score to facebook and twitter.
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    yeah, the alternatives are decent, but i feel like doodle jump has so much more to offer. I mean, it's on most other mobile platforms....
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    The alternatives, sorry, don't compare to those two iPhone games. If I knew how to develop 2d games, I would. The alternatives on the Pre are hideous.. :P
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    ya... there alreadyy is as far as i can tell as jason said ^

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