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    I was reading an article on this site about installing Homebrew Apps and at one point in the article is said that technically leaving your phone in developer mode all the time is a security risk. Would anyone be willing to elaborate on that for me? I don't quite understand where the risk lies.

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    Think of developer mode being off as "firewall" with it down, some one could ssh into your pre through evdo and do what they'd least that my understanding...however remote that chance is, it is possible..
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    to solve this problem get the DevMode Launcher allows you to toggle dev mode on and off in one touch and slider switch! need to type in the code...
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    Developer mode only opens access via USB. It can not be touched through EVDO or Wifi. That's why people set up SSH access, for a secure connection via Wifi (or EVDO).
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    I still have mine problem thus far...but prolly wise to revert it back.

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