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    I think an app should be made that can record the signal strength with the current GPS location. You can set it up to do this every x amount of time to get a reading on your signal strength over a days time. This information can then be applied over a map to see how your signal is in the different areas you move around during a day.

    What do you think? Should be pretty simple as long as the EVDO radio signal strength can be pulled from somewhere.

    This would be a great app to see how good/bad a carrier is for a customer.

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    I like the idea, but it seems like no matter where I go the Pre is always changing bars so it wouldn't seem to matter. I would just get mixed results or random data.

    I can have anywhere from 1x to EVDO to 1 bar to 5 bars in my own home. Not much help towards collecting data.

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    what about just mapping 1x vs evdo and whether or not youre roaming...that way i could figure out where i should configure roaming only and where i should keep it at automatic

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