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    Info on the location methods here: Location Service €“ webOSdev €“ Palm

    So it's obvious that to get a more accurate fix (ie 30.155943751335144,-50.41911971569061 instead of 30.157500,-50.413333), the accuracy parameter needs to be changed to 1 (high) Photobucket + Jeffrey's Exif viewer is a good way of testing this.

    root@castle:/usr/palm/applications/ grep -r -n -i "accuracy:" ./
    ./javascripts/geo-control.jsjsjs:$90$: $accuracy$: $3$, /*$low$*/
    ./javascripts/geo-control.jsjsjs:$121$: $accuracy$: $1$, /*$high$*/

    From looking at these lines I can see that it only tries to use a gps fix if one has been made in the last 60 seconds, otherwise it'll use a low accuracy one. I tried changing the 3 to a 1, rebooted, and then images stopped recording gps exif data. Bah. Had to reboot twice to get it to work again after restoring my backup.
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