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    Since people seem to like the virtual keyboard themes you can see through, I decided to try out the two I made like that as well. If anyone has a request for a change to these, or would like something else, I may be willing to do it. I am not however looking to make something like a "Halo 3" keyboard theme. I want to make professional looking themes, themes that could potentially be a default of the virtual keyboard. First, the instructions for how to change a theme for those who missed it:
    1. Download the themes I made from the link I provided .
    2. Unzip it.
    3. Plug your phone into your computer, and set it to USB mode.
    4. Then open up the folder for the Pre.
    5. There's a folder titled Virtual Keyboard, open that, and then open the themes folder.
    6. Copy the folder and contents you downloaded, and paste it in the Pre's theme folder.
    7. Now, go back to the main virtual keyboard folder, and open the json file(only file that isn't a folder) with notepad.
    8. It's going to look confusing and have random stuff, but look where it says Theme. It then says "remix_ice" assuming you have the default keyboard.
    9. Change "remix_ice" to "sleek_dark" or "sleek_light" save the file, and eject your Pre.
    10. All done, launch it like you would normally.

    Lightv2 was darkened up a bit, for fear of not being able to see the keys on lighter pages. Hurraaaay. Actions in Photoshop made this much quicker than my first attempt. Lol!
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    atta boy keep the good work up
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    do these themes work in landscape too?
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    Yes, all virtual keyboard themes work in landscape. But at the current state of the project, the image is just stretched instead of giving you the ability to make a separate theme.
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    love the sleek theme v2... using it now... the default was just too hard to see on light backgrounds
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    Lightv2 added.
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    wow so easy to change themes on the keyboard, never thought it would be that easy, thanks alot!!! I like the all but i like remix_glossy better because of the big round keys,and i think it's easier to use. thanks again.

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