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    Well, of all of the great capabilities of this new Palm Pre, the feature that I miss the most from my old Palm Treo 755p with the Palm OS, is the ability to mark individual contacts, memo's, task, and even calendar events as "Private". Once they were marked as Private, you could hide or mask them, requiring a password to be entered in order to even see the record. This came in very handy with private contacts, memo's and calendar events that I didn't want anyone else to see.

    I use SplashID now, but it rather sucks having to open a different app just to see private information.

    If someone could design this feature into the current contacts, memo's, task and calendar so it has the "Private" checkbox, and then the option to globally hide or mask private records, I'd be willing to pay for the app without hesitation, as I'm sure hundreds of thousands of other Pre owners would be willing to pay for it as well.

    So, who's up for the challenge? Keep me on your contacts list if you come up with it.
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    The ability to mark contacts, memos, tasks, and calendar events as private, thus enabling the user to set up a password or pin to view the information is a feature that I CAN'T BELIEVE that Palm would eliminate. This was ESSENTIAL and extremely useful on all of my many older Palm devices. I also don't feel that it should be a seperate app that has to be opened (or paid for) by the user. Locking the phone with a pin or password is NOT the same as having the ability to hide sensitive information. I use my Pre for business and personal purposes. A good example of why locking the phone does not help is when you are showing off the phone or photos to someone else and they start exploring the phone and inadvertantly access sensitive info. I set the pin feature for 30 min since it is a pain to enter a pin every time I use the phone which is quite frequently. I would feel much more secure if I knew that if I dropped my phone or even if a colleague were to "innocently" pick up the phone out of curiosity in the rare case that I set the phone down on my desk (charging for ex), they could not access info marked as "private." This is essentially a mobile computer where I store many account #s and passwords that I would rather not have compromised! Come on Palm, this only makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleksin View Post
    a feature that I CAN'T BELIEVE that Palm would eliminate.
    It's been discussed before, but the summary is: the "new" Palm is not the "old" Palm. The new Palm is all about appearance - they ignored absolutely everything the old Palm knew about usability. They are going to have to learn all of those lessons over again, and we are going to have to suffer with them while they do, and it will be very painful.
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    Been asking for this for months. IFart is available, though.
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    NEED this ability. It's annoying trying to hide semi-sensitive data in "obscure" locations, eg.. phone records, addresses, embedded in normal memos. It is one of my few frustrations with the device. Any ideas on if it can/will be done?

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