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    I'm guessing/hoping that this will be covered by palm eventually, but I'm curious if anyone has looked into the pre's search algorithm. Right now, all searches are conducted starting with the first letter of a word, which results in not very good matches.

    For example, many applications are mutli-word but are written as one word in either camelCase (gDial Pro, fileCoaster, etc) or in TitleCase (TipCalc, GoodFood, etc).

    A search for "Dial" really should bring up gDial Pro, but doesn't, because of that g. A search for "Food" won't work either because of the word Good. In both of these examples, it's not the first word that's memorable, but some other words inside the name.

    Of course, a solution would be to make all developers rename their apps so that everything is called out in multiple words, but that only solves half the problem. What if someone gets a crazy idea and creates an app call.. oh idk... Cheezburger Network, where we've got a compound word? :-D

    So... enterprising developers, I ask you: Until palm corrects their very un-universal search algorithm, is there any hope in a homebrew app or (easy) patch?
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    It would probably be easier if a patch was developed first, just like all the other modifications to the system have been. Although I do agree with what you are conveying, I don't know if it is currently possible. Is there file on the Pre that contains the algorithm?

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