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    I added appinfo.json file in my resource folder.

    I changed the title in it to another language word,

    and rebooted the emulator,

    still seen the English title for this application.

    but when I changed it to another word in english, and reboot after that,

    I was able to see the the new title,

    why? and how to fix it?

    Plz help me,

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    What language are you trying to change it to.

    The palm Pre is currently accepting only western alphabets for icon names.

    An attempt by one user yesterday to get greek into the on-screen keyboard also failed. You may have to wait.
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    wait for what?
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    plz help me,
    how can it be done?

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    The question was already answered, it cannot be done as of now.
    Please don't post in this thread again, as your question has been answered.

    PS: No one else reply to this thread to try to help him, he's beyond that.
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    What needed to be,
    for it will happend?
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    Plz answer me,

    What should be done to make it happend?

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