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    I'm trying to start the novacomd service on WinXP but each time I try to execute it, a dialog pops up complaining that WinUSB.dll can't be found. Where can I get WINUSB.DLL (and whatever else is missing) and where should I place it/them?
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    search in google and ull find whats and where goes!! good luck .. thats a easy way to know about this dll !
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    I actually did. Mind you, I'm pretty wary about downloading DLL's from just any source. But I did search on google and it kept pointing me at all the wrong places. One site even had me downloading picasaweb (which I didn't do, btw). One site required payment.

    I ended up just doing it on my Fedora Linux box. I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place, anyway. Six computer at home and only one not running Fedora Linux and I went for it. :rollseyes: I just assumed that Windows would be better supported since that seems to be the status quo with other projects.

    Now I'm happily hacking my Pre. Thanks, anyway, and good riddance to hacking the Pre with XP.

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