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    ok, so ive rooted my pre. so far ive only been able to change my dialing theme because i saw a video, idk any of the commands or anything, can some one give step by step instructions on how to do the battery percent hack. where the percent you have left either is next to or takes over the battery bar. please dont just tell me the site with the codes, ive been there, i just dont know what to do and what not to do and ... its just confusing... webos-internals,org

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    Are you just trying to activate the percentage? Because the latest WebOS Quick Install allows you to apply it with a click of the mouse.
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    uhh... how do i get to that?
    srry , new
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    uhh... how do i get to that?
    srry , new

    Follow the install instructions and it will be under Tools>Tweaks.
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    Ty for that last one! really helped me out.. i'd been trying to apply the stupid patches manually!! >_<

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