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    I have swipeToDelete on, and neither
    autoConfirmDelete or autoconfirmDelete
    (as in the docs) has any effect whether
    true or false. When I swipe a list
    item I get a lonely "Delete" button in
    red, but no green "Cancel" button as
    I've seen in other apps. Nothing I do
    will cancel the delete. In the end I
    have to hit the button and remove the
    item. I decided to forgo the entire
    confirm, but as I said, the auto
    confirm options have no effect.



    this.index_list_atts = {
    itemTemplate: 'index/index-row-template',
    listTemplate: 'index/index-list-template',
    swipeToDelete: true,
    autoconfirmDelete: false,
    autoConfirmDelete: false,
    addItemLable: true,
    reorderable: true,
    renderLimit: 40,
    addItemLabel: 'New Event'
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    Well I'm stilll trying to figure out this widget, myself, but I'm noticing you have two "autoConfirmDelete" entries. Maybe it doesn't like that?
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    I only did that because my intuition said autoConfirmDelete, while
    the docs said autoconfirmDelete. I tried both individually, then just
    put both in there for convenience in case there was a typo in the docs
    (it would be the first one, right?).

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