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    i asked this a while ago but i see now that we are very advanced on the pre so maybe someone can figure it out ... i have seen some phone that when u slide them open they make like a little noise ... can this option be possible with the pre ??? everytime u slide open u can hear a lil custom noise ........

    thanks guys and may the pre be with you ...
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    idk how to do it but that wuld be cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by shea0101 View Post
    idk how to do it but that wuld be cool
    Ya....what he said!! ^
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    im sure there is a way to do this, you have to find where the os calls on the screen to turn on when you open the slider and have it also play a sound at the same time. Maybe ill look into it with my limited knowledge and see if i can find something, this could be kinda cool actually
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