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  • Yes, I need to search my data!!! Palm Pre only has a BASIC search!

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    I've been very impressed with the Homebrew development thus far... really hoping one of you can tackle the one feature this phone most severely lacks: REAL Universal Search.

    There would be a huge demand for this app!

    The Pre should be able to search the local email, calendars, and full contact cards. Ideally, you'd be able to search all at once ("Universal") or individually depending on what you're looking for. (The iPhone finally has it and we should too!)

    I've been a Palm user since 2000 and long-awaited this phone. (Palm Pilot,
    Palm V, Palm Treo, Centro, etc). I expected "universal search" to actually mean universal, at least within the phone! Unfortunately, I LOST my search capabilities when "upgrading" from my Centro (that's another story... the Pre is a few steps backwards in some areas).

    As a business power user (1000s of contacts, 4 email addresses, 8 calendars) I need to a full Universal Search to find old appointments, notes in contact cards, etc... The Palm Centro had the "FindHack" app which was fantastic (I emailed with that developer and he's not developing for webOS).

    Can any one take this project on? Cruising through the Search forums on here and at Palm leads me to believe this is a app/feature that is sorely missed.... and would be paid for!!

    Thanks Pre Developer Community!

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    When I am searching for a contact to call I do not need the overhead of searching my documents. It would be great to have application dependent search, for example when in the email client search email text and same goes for SMS and IM messages.
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    I disagree with the overhead thing. I wouldnt want searching done like that in the first place. However if it does it along side the way it does it now. Type a letter it searches applications, another couple letters and its searching contacts along with apps. If no contact is found it goes to that google wikipedia stuff. If there was an inbetween there where it searches other things it would work fine I would think. so in the case where no apps are found and maybe 1 contact found or something then it searches messages, music, emails, videos, and docs. i think those are the only other things that would want to be searched anyway.
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    I felt like my Treo 755 search was perfect right?
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    Business users really do need a more conprehensive universal search. PLEASE PLEASE developer community, give us the ability to search our contacts by any word or even number. Would also be nice to have options to include differant apps in universal search. Turn them on or off.
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    i don't what my the pre to start pulling local data immediately, because i feel like it would make the device unnecessarily slow, but i wouldn't mind if email, calender, full contacts were added to the list of search engines that are already there (google, googlemaps, wikipedia, twitter).

    I also wouldn't mind if palm to a "keytoss" approach to making those things searchable using the universal search...
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    Sorry to arise a dead thread, but that sometimes happens when you search first.

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