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    So after applying the keyboard patch, and installing internalz, flashlight, and tether, which required services, and also applying tweaks from quick install..

    How big of a pain is it going to be to update web os when one comes out??

    Are we going to have to remove patches, services, homebrew apps, tweaks, etc?

    If so, which ones?

    Anyone working on some kind of backup solution that can restore after an update? Even if all it does is remembers what tweaks/patches/services/apps you had installed, and redownloads/applies them after an update (probably something that would be done via quick install or preware?)

    just curious
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    bump.. any1?
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    Updates shouldn't touch homebrew apps. As far as patches, that's part of the beauty of quilt: quilt pop -a pulls all your patches out, and you can update the OS without a problem. If you're brave or know what you're doing, you can do some searching and testing to see if the patches still work, or need to be updated for the new version. If you're not brave or not very knowledgeable, then you'll have to wait for the wonderful people at webosinternals to verify the patches for the new version of webos.

    Quilt will still know what patches are in your series after the update, and if all the patches still work, then you can just quilt push -a and all your patches are back. If some are broken, you can quilt delete them from your series, and apply the oens that still work, and wait for the other to be updated. Or, you can update them yourself if you're knowledgeable. But quilt will keep your series intact, and can update the patch files when you need it to.

    ETA: re-reading your post, it seems you're not doing things in root. In that case, you'll have to wait for developers to verify that the patches work, and to update them so that you can apply them. Everything above applies to patching via quilt, in root.
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    thanks for takin the time to reply but yes, not rooted / using quilt

    surprised this topic hasn't came up more..

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