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    I don't have a Pre yet, but i will soon. So i have one question. Because i will be modding my Pre as soon as i get my hands on it.

    So is there any way you can change the image of the dock?

    I specifically mean the area around the the 5 apps on the quick launcher.

    Its like a transparent rectangle. Because when i mod it i want to add a different picture there.

    Please respond.
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    Sure! Pretty much ANY image you see on the PRE can be changed. You just need to know the location of the image, then have access to the Linux OS of the PRE, and copy the original image to your media area of the phone (Or just bypass than and SCP it down to your local PC) Then you can use any image editor to create a new one (make sure its the exact same size and format (png), then get it back to where it belongs (Always a good idea to make a copy of the original JUST in case.

    So, the location of the files you are looking for are:


    You may be able to get away with changing just the first one, as thats the actual (as you call it) Dock image. The other 2 have to do with the action of the Quick Launch as you select something on it, or Wave it up from being hidden.

    Here are the actual images:


    Good Luck! and ENJOY your PRE!

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