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    This "feature" Palm implemented when the Pre goes into sleep mode (screen turns off/locks) & then using data instead of WiFi is effing killing me.

    The problem is, I live in a bad area for service. I have Airave, but Airave doesnt do EVDO, so that means while my phone is at home & sleeping, its actually killing my battery rather than helping cause its constantly jumping from EV to 1X the entire time. This also prevents my Gmail from being delivered when its supposed to.

    I know about the tricks (leaving phone on charger, running the music app, etc) to get WiFi to stay on, but this seems tedious & not a good solution that I can keep up (Im in & out of my house a lot/live on a busy street in an urban area).

    Does anyone know of any hacks I can do to get WiFi to be always on?? This is killing me. Im gonna have to return or sell the phone after all these months because its just not functional like it needs to be. Thanks.
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    If ya wanna invest 10 bucks, you can get MyTether, it has a screen shut off disable feature.

    Also, the MyTether is pretty cool too

    The author who wrote it did an awesome job. There is a free version, but it does not have the screen shut off disable, the full version, he requets a small $10 donation.

    I have found I use that feature MORE than I actually use the Tethering...
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    I appreciate it, but the screen hack is def not gonna work for me. That'll kill my batter every faster, lol.

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