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    AFTER TRYING TO TETHER MY PRE, MY LAPTOP WILL NOLONGER GO ONLINE. Sorry about the caps. When I connect ti my wireless router it seems ok but nothing is being received. In the url, every search is beginning with "jar:file" instead of "http:// " If you know anything @ this please contact me ASAP cuz I'm freaking out!!!
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    Are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer?
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    Mine use to do this too for some reason. I use a usb connection to WiFi from my PC to a neighbors router. I just unplugged the adapter and plugged back in and was back online...

    However, since I've installed 'Filecoaster', it no longer disables my net connection when I connect my Pre back in. I have no idea why just glad it's working correctly now...
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    Are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer?
    Thanks for replying. Firefox. I'm connected to my wifi fine. My laptop, I never got my pre to tether. Um, so as I look at the wireless network connection it's sending the info but not receiving. I think I erased something from the wnc properties like "virtualbox something" directly under "Client for Microsoft Networks" . Any ideas, or do you happen to know of anybody who desperate. THANK you SO MUCH!
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    I connected to my teether and was successful but when I went to get back on wireless network my laptop wouldn't connect to any of my wirelss networks that I have.
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    For Holley: Try the following commands by opening up the command prompt:

    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /registerdns
    Let me know if those commands work at all for you.

    As for Franca, if you are unable to connect to any wireless networks, try to flip the wireless receiver button off on your laptop and then flip it back on. See if that helps you out any.

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