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    I just started using the new version of WebOS Quick Install & applied a couple of the "tweaks", such as changing the start up screen & pdf's in landscape mode, etc.

    Everything was working great, but now a couple days later I had some strange things happen while on a call. I was trying to access my work vm & tried using the on screen keypad. Everytime I would try to touch a number key the phone would turn the back light off, but then come right back on. So I hung up & decided ok, let's power off the phone & yank the battery for a few mins to reset whatever may have been causing the problem, but now I try restarting & screen freezes on my new start up image & stays frozen for good.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Something might have messed up when you were doing the patches. Did you notice any errors?

    Try loading back the old files that you hopefully baked up or you may have to use WebOS Doctor and restore you're phone

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