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    OK I did search, honest.. I thought I saw it someplace here, but I cant find it

    What is the dir path of the icons that make up Launcher Icons? (not thew wave bar, the actual icons in the rows of 3 across.

    I changed the camera icon in the camera app to be MY actual camera, and Id like to match it to the camera icon on the launcher.

    I would think it would be in the /usr/palm/applications directory, under maybe some.launcher, but its not

    The directories in the one are pretty clearly marked, but nothing there indicates the location of the actual Launcher icons..

    TIA if anyone knows..
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    Well I figured it out, with the kind help of Abyssul on AIM last night.

    Abyssul had kindly posted some other file location to another post, so I took a leap and shot him (or her) an IM on AIM and was kindly chatted to about it. Together we sorta figured out that there are TWO icons for apps!

    The one that is in the image dir under the app is 128x128 and is the icon used on the dormant card , or when the app is first opend, but the same image, but in 64x64 is one level up, in the top level of the particular app.

    So THANKS kind Abyssul, you are very kind!
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    Would you mind giving the actual directory of the Launcher icon? thx.
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