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    ok so ive learned almost everything about rooting the pre and what not except how to get files say from the images directory and putting them in the usb directory. cuz i wanna change the connection bar colors on my pre but dont kno how to get files on the usb directory so i can edit them. please help! thankyou...
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    download the files
    put your pre in to usb mode
    find you pre in "my computer"
    click/drag or copy and paste the new files on your pre
    then open up ssh
    then type sudo -i
    the mount -o remoout,rw /
    then go here
    then copy and paste those first lines into microsoft word
    rename the color to whatever color the bar images are named ie: color-rssi-1.png
    then copy and paste the renamed lines one at a time
    then type mount -o remount ro /
    then type pkill LunaSysMgr (it's a quick restart, and type it how it looks)
    and trust me i know this works because i have mine in green!!!!!
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    heres my homescreen
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    isnt there a way to get the rssi1 files on the usb drive so i can just edit the files myself in photoshop?? and just copy and paste my edited photo??
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    use the site in the post on the main page, it lets you download the new ones
    and then you replace the old ones with the new ones, just read the post

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