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    Wow, I don't know how I missed that one. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devren View Post
    I tried google docs after 1.2 and I still could not edit any of my documents. How were you able to get it to work?
    My apologies. I've corrected my post. I got excited over the copy into a workout file for tracker and didn't completely test it. I can only copy from the GDocs and paste the information into other programs. It looks like Evernote will be the best way to go until a full processor is available. Off line and in a pinch, I use the Classic version of DTG.

    BTW, it appears that Classic is syncing now. It's accepting my DTG changes even before the new Classic update that will be coming out soon.
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    I am considering switiching over to a Palm Pre Plus (verizon customer) and it concerns me that as far as I can tell this has not been resolved. I think the WebOS is a gorgeous UI, and I really like having a physical keyboard, but if I can not edit and create word and excel docs that is a huge handicap for me.

    I worry that DataViz, who has already made versions of their software for all the other major smartphone OS's out there, is leaving Palm for last. While I really like the Palm WebOS, more then the android os (what I am currently using), I worry about using a smart phone that is last on the broader smartphone communities priority list.

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