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    Since the usage log on the Sprint website does not factor in my Pick 3 calls, my "daytime minutes used" value is virtually useless. All I can do is hope that my google voice number is in fact free (along with my 2 other numbers). So I would love to develop an app that gather your call log data from the phone (not from Sprint) and separates your calls by how the minutes are counted and gives you totals.

    I know very very little about programming; I know some html, and have figured out a very few small app mods on my own. I started reading the webOS Rough cuts book and soon realized that I needed to learn JavaScript first and I am slowly beginning to do that. So if anyone would be interested in working on this app and I could help as much (or, I suppose, as little) as you'd like, I would love to talk to you, because I can't imagine that I'll really be able to do it myself. Although if someone could take care of getting the call log data into the app separating all its parts (date, time, duration, number, weekday, etc), and then storing that for a month, I might be able to take it from there.

    PM me, email at tuzmusic AT gmail, or develop it without me if you must :P

    Thanks all
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    I would love this too because I just went over my minutes and that hurt my already thinning wallet. I'd love for it to tell you how many you've used..maybe when you've used 50% and 75% and 95%, etc.

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