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    Hey guys!

    I know there are already other tip calculators that have been released (which are all awesome btw) but I didn't like the fact that I had to slide up the keyboard to enter in a few bits of data. Hence, Tipper was born!

    I'm using palm's palm-package.bat tool to package the app, so I'm not sure if it will install on a non-rooted Pre device (is this true?).

    I've uploaded the file in .zip format. Extract it and use WebOS Quick Install to install it to your Pre to try.

    As with any beta software, try at your own risk!

    Instructions for the app:
    -Tapping the "How much is your bill?" will bring up a keypad for you to enter your bill information.
    -Tapping the "How much was tax?" will bring up the keypad again for you to enter the tax amount.
    -NOTE: For those who like to calculate tip based on the full bill (subtotal + tax), enter the full bill in the first area and set the tax field to $0.
    -Tapping on the bottom area will toggle between showing the full tip/total amount and the tip/total amount per person.

    Things to do:
    -When tapping to bring up the keypad, the initial value will be 0, so if you press done without entering a number, the number on the main scene will be $0.00.
    -Add a button (or something) to clear values
    -Add a preferences page where users can set the maxValue on tip % (in case some of you tip very generously) and the # of people.
    -Allow the user to set default values for tip% and # of people.
    -Rounding (I generally do this in my head, but almost all of the tip calculators I've seen have this feature)

    If you find any bugs/errors, please post here to let me know!

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