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    thats not the point, the point is that another friend of mine called me at 2 am the other night asking why I called him and I had not called him at all it was his other friend who was hanging out with him at the bars, but he used call faker and it showed up as if I called him so he woke me up at 2am, so it was kind of funny. I need to pay him back that son of a xxxx.
    With my Pre at the moment I am unable to pay him back but sooner or later I will. haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgc42169 View Post
    Just type *67 before the number you dial and it will block your name and phone number and it is legal
    True and I do that, BUT there are tons of people that do not accept blocked calls and you have to unblock your number to be able to call them so *67 doesn't work as often as you would think...
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    i would love this program to act like im at work when im not lol! I would def download!
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    Any updates on this app, has it been made available for Palm?
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    this would be a great app
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    there is an App now called ispoof in the app catalog that does this.
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    i dont see it
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