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    Does anyone know if there's a list or collection of all the command menu icons automatically available?

    Kind of like the icons you can automatically include in your app by typing icon: "forward" or icon: "refresh" or something like that...

    Could anyone at least tell me where the list is available, or I could make one if theirs a file list.

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    From /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/175.7/stylesheets/global-menus.css
    /* Example Icons */
    .palm-menu-icon.back 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-back.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.forward 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-forward.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.refresh 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-refresh.png); } 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-search.png); } 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-new.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.stop 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-stop.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.attach 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-attach.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.compose 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-compose.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.conversation 	{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-conversation.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.delete 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-delete.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.file 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-file.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.forward-email 	{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-forward-email.png); } 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-info.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.priority 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-priority.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.reply-all 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-reply-all.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.reply 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-reply.png); } 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-save.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.send 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-send.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.sync 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-sync.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.edit-profile 	{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-edit-profile.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.make-vip 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-make-vip.png); } 	{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-new-contact.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.remove-vip 		{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-remove-vip.png); }
    .palm-menu-icon.down 			{ background-image: url(../images/menu-icon-down.png); }
    then just use use the name after ".palm-menu-icon." eg./ "back"
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    Thank you.

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    Are there any full references out there, or is it on us to go digging whenever we need to look something up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alans17 View Post
    Are there any full references out there, or is it on us to go digging whenever we need to look something up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Wonderful... Thanks, Palm, for all this wonderful documentation...
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    If I want to use one of the standard icons listed in the previous post, what is the correct method? In other words, should I copy the PNG file over to my application /image/ folder and use it? It seems like it's using up extra space on my Pre for no reason doing it this way.

    Or reference the one that's in the system? If the later is proper, where exactly is it?
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    I posted some quick notes about this in another forum, I'll copy it in here and hope it's helpful.

    C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\share\refcode\webos-framework\191.14\images
    see menu-icon-*.png
    They are typically 32(wide)x64 (tall), consisting of two 32x32 images, one for "at rest" and one for "pressed".

    Documentation for this? Eh... um...

    {icon: "stop", command: "stop-cmd"}
    for the built-in icons.

    {iconPath: "images/some-custom-image.png", command: "custom-cmd"}
    For custom icons that you include in the images directory.
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    how do we use these icons somewhere else? i got it to work fine in a command menu using the code above, but i want to implement something like in the compose email scene, where in the button on the top bar they have the contact book icon... suggestions?

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