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    I am currently working on the sample/tutorial app in the book Palm webOS by Mitch Allen. I have been copying all the code by hand for practice and the app would not display. The same exact thing happened with the Hello World! tutorial app on the Pre Developer site. Naturally, I assumed that I had typos or missed lines of code. So, I copied the code line for line and placed in the prescribed locations. The apps still do not run correctly. Can anyone help me with some ideas of what could be causing this?

    When I install the sample apps provided with the SDK onto the emulator, they function as required. I have scanned through the files line by line and i just dont see what is wrong. Thanks for the help, if any.
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    Ok, well I figured out the HelloWorld problem. The Example provided on the PreDev site has bad double and single quotes. However, attempting to replicate this in the News application gave no new results. Still just a blank screen.
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    I also figured out the news application problem. This time by rebuilding it in Eclipse. The multi-line storyViewSummaryElement.innerHTML caused the application to break and not display properly. Noob problems, i know. But I guess it helped me work it out by talking about it somewhere.

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