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    My friend was telling me he has a jailbroken app for Ipod Touch that allows him to download videos from youtube. Is there a way someone could make that?

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    If you have the "Enable Browser Downloads" patch you can do this.
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    it does not download the video from the youtube site anymore. at least not the updated patch i have done

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    I am working on this at the moment.

    The only problem I am having is with getting a dynamic list working.

    I already created something like this for Windows and am porting it from my XP/Vista version to something that works with WebOS.
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    so will this improve the functionalitities on the browser through a plugin or a patch?
    it would let u download videos from the site or an app?? how would it work

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    There is a simple way to launch a download from any youtube page using javascript. The method is explained here.

    Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Files

    This method could possibly be adapted to work with the Pre and one of the browser download hacks. I don't have time to mess with it as I am working on another app.
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    The app I am working on will basically allow you to enter search keywords (or go to an advanced search) and then view a thumbnail of the vid and even view a preview if you wanted.

    Then if you wanted to download it, you would choose the type (audio or video, mp3 or mp4 respectively) and the download/conversion would be handled by my server and the file downloaded to your Pre.
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    sounds pretty neat looking forward to that arthurhorton

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    The official thread for YT2V...

    I finally got some things working (dynamic list after about three days debugging ) and I hope to have a release within the next 4 days.
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