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    I want to make my own app for the pre and have done some programming in java and c++. I'm not an expert by any means but I have a few questions to ask you smart folks, and hopefully I can get started.

    What program do you use to build a pre app? Dreamweaver? and when you actually do have code and want to preview do you have to compile it like you would a java app? How do you preview what you're doing? I saw a hello world demo which was very straight forward but have not seen it how it was built and debugged. Can anyone give me a lil push?

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    You could use Dreamweaver, but I use Notepad++. Regardless, any HTML editor will work, although there are plug-ins for Eclipse and Aptana.

    You don't compile anything since it's HTML/CSS/JavaScript, but you do need to use the palm-package command (to create the .ipk file) and then palm-install (to install the app.)

    The "Hello world" app on the WebOS developer site is very useful, but the other items need to be read first on the installation of the SDK and emulator. Until you do that, the tutorial won't help much.
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    sign up for Welcome to webOSdev - Palm and get sdk
    then follow tutorial
    ClickOnChris Tutorial: Palm Pre SDK

    you can use dreamweaver if you wanted i prefer notepad + some people prefer eclipse which if your familiar with dreamweaver eclipse is prob where its at for you.
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    If you dont compile, is there anyway to see what your program is doing or do you actually have to create and install the .ipk into the emulator everytime?

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