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    Both the app catalog and the updater program are down for me (for the last 20 minutes), anyone else? Maybe an update to WebOS is coming today (here's hoping).
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    Yeah, down here too.
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    Cool I hope this means an update!
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    down here 3.
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    works for me
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    It goes down from time to time in different parts of the country. It does not portend any update. It just means that whatever Palm server you are trying to connect to is at capacity or is having other issues. An update would be nice, but with updates, you will not affect production servers (i.e. the ones that run day to day opperations.)

    Updates are not pushed to production until they are available, and as such will not cause any outages until the update is live.
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    i think word ace, bubbles and speed brain were updated. i just accessed store. or these 3 are showing up as most recent bc previous update sometime today.
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    Yeah it was down for some time and then back up .. and down again !! Cross ur fingers new APPS !! :-)
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    Its down for me also. We need an update.........
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    Just came back for me..... no update..... darn
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    Its down for me to both app. And update
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    me too
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    Its working for me, pogeypety is correct in what he is saying, just because their down, doesn't mean we are getting anything. Don't get your hopes up, just to get shot down!!

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