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    Sometimes its the iddy biddy things that just drive me NUTS!

    So, I thought I found the fix for my problem, as an addendum to the wiki about changing dialpad colors and themes.

    Its this silly green tint above the contacts listing, once you are in the dialpad and and tap the icon to bring your contacts to the dial pad.

    The change mentioned in the wiki was to change the

    .text-input.hinttext class color property to white (#ffffff) from the faint green (#bcceb3). Easy nuff huh?

    Well after doing that, I "think" it may have changed it when you FIRST bring UP the contacts list from the dialer, but as soon as I tap the screen to start the scrolling of names.. that annoying green tint comes back

    Here is my dialer right after I tap the little icon to enter name/number, when it brings up the list:

    BUT, I touch the screen to begin scrolling, and back comes nasty green tint:

    So, anyone know the class in that css, that controls that?

    I dont remember if the green tint was on the pre scrolled screen, maybe that was changed, but I dont remember and dont feel like undoing it , cuz Im lazy.

    Anyone know?

    aka one who is having too much fun playing with a phone
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    Wow, i didn't even notice that until you mentioned it. I could be wrong, but it appears to me that most of these wedge thingies seem to be .png files and not a .css color setting. have you checked to see if there are any green .png's in that directory?
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    Well hmmm maybe, but I really think the image is the same for both screens.. but who knows, it coudl be. Guess I'll ssh in and have another look see
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    Ahhh!! GOT IT!! Tricky lil bugger!

    and Thanks Turbooxide! you were dead on, about it being an image..

    I had to copy all the images in the dir, to my media and kinda look at each one.

    the one it wound up being was


    It barely even looked green, but when I opened it up in Photoshop I was able to see it, change it, and get it back to where it belongs..

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    looking good!

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