I would like to modify the calendar app to compress more than just the free time between events. I've seen other make fake events at the beginning and end of the days to compress free time that isn't between events; the time from the beginning of the day to the 1st event and from the last event to the end of the day. To code this in we would need to modify the existing code to use the beginning and end of the day as points for compressing the free time between them and events. If no events then compress the whole day. Also and to me the more important is to compress long events. Anything longer than 2 hours and retaining the color, text etc of the event but compressed so that more of the day is seen on the screen.

Unfortunately I'm not really sure I understand exactly all the lines that contribute to the compression of free time between appointments to be able to make the modifications. The devs had a tendency to not comment most everything they coded so that unless you are a profession programmer that has been in the field for some time you aren't going to understand much of what does what. So to make this happen I need the communities help in identifying what parts of the code make the compression happen. Then figure out how to modify and adapt it to do the things I mentioned. Please do help me make this modification a reality.