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    i searched all the threads and couldnt find an answer to this, but is there a hack to have the address bar show up in landscape so that i can use the on-screen keyboard in landscape mode??
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    i tried doing this today but sorry no luck. wen i tried adding this the browser would not open..i will see if i get anything k

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    okay i finally got this done. it has the urlbar on any orientation. i will update the browser patch and upload it as soon as someone can upload it on git.

    EDIT: has been updated in my patch
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    fritos where is the patch to do that in landscape??? or can u give step by step to do it if there is no patch??
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    This use to be part of the Browser download patch. Since 1.2 has the download function, can someone create the standalone patch for the browser address bar so that we can use the virtual keyboard in landscape mode?
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