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    Of course you can backup the files first, as a matter of fact, I'd recommend you backup all of your original files first. The directory for the dialpad background and dialrows is:


    And the directory for the boot screens is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosox7827 View Post
    Why thank you kind sir.
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    Just a suggestion for future changes. With the color being white right behind the numbers as they're being dialed, you can't see the numbers. Maybe a slight tweak to get the numbers to be a different color or white right there. Hope this makes sense.
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    Yep, that made sense. I actually thought about that the other day and if I made the top of the background a little darker so that the font would show, but I guess I didn't. Let me get you fixed up with a new background that has a darker fade at the top.

    EDIT: Here you go.. Made a dark blue fade from the top and downwards a little bit. Plus, seeing as the fade is blue, it doesn't really make it all ugly or anything once it gets on the phone. It looks quite natural.
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    Love the idea. maybe a cheerleader for the main screen, and some icons for a full theme.
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    Any progress on this? I'd love to help if you have an idea of which direction you'd like to go with it....
  8. #28 has a bad *** cowboys boot logo that would go towards your theme... might contact them to see if you can use it
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    also just a suggestion, you should put the new stadium somewhere in there maybe the lock screne... i would try to make one myself but i would be lost, kinda over my head there... ill just make good use of the ones that get made lol
    here is a good image of the stadium and the boot logo too
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    Are we any closer to getting this done? I can do the legwork, I just need to know what people are thinking as far as I just use silver and blue, or are there other things you all want to do. I'd really like to get this theme done!!
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    I'm really waiting on this one! Hopefully it'll be ready around the time 1.2.1 come out.
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