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    I understand the basic concepts, but I can't find clear docs
    on the meat of it. Do you only get one app assistant, and
    it has to be called app-assistant.jsjsjs? $When$ $I$ $have$ $no$ $app$
    assistant, does the stage assistant have to be called
    stage-assistant.jsjsjs, $or$ $could$ $I$ $change$ $that$?

    I'm not really clear on how these assistants are all
    sewn together. Can I see global from any app, stage
    or scene assistant in a given running scene? What
    is the preferred method of communicating between
    the assistants?

    What is the javascript relationship between a controller
    and it's stage assistant? How are they related? Does
    the controller read the assistant file and assume the
    data and functions there? Does one source the other?

    Other questions: when should I use setup() rather than
    activate()? What should go in the constructor; what
    should, or must go in the constructor as opposed to
    the other methods.

    Also, If I fail to drop a handler or a setTimeout in the
    cleanup method, am I ever really introducing a problem
    once the app is closed?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Start reading through this page:

    Application Basics – webOSdev – Palm

    Many linked from there should answer all this and more.
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