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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to start creating themes for the Pre. Before I transfer all of the images to my phone, I'd like to test them out on the emulator. Do any of you know if there is a way to mod the Pre emulator's theme to test out all of the images, etc?

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    yes, SSH into the emulator on port 5522, using root/root. You can use wget to grab down images from the web or set up SCP and then use WinSCP to copy them to the device.
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    Thank you a ton for the reply!

    Edit: Also, one last quick question.. And how do I restart the emulator to apply the theme settings? Doesn't everything get wiped out whenever I restart the emulator?
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    In the running emulation, just go to the launch menu and click "Device Information" and then "Reset Options" and then "Restart'. You might even want to put it on the quick launch bar on the emulator for faster restarts.

    On the emulator menu bar, if you hit "Machine" -> "Close" and then "Power off the machine", it'll save everything in that session... but i only do that when I actually exit the emulator. I restart from Device Information's restart whenever I test changes.
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    Thanks for the info pal. I actually figured out that you can go to the Emulator's menu at the top, and click on "Machine" and then click "Reset" and it will power down and power back up with all of the information still in-tact. So it's a lot faster than having to go through the Device Information section..

    ..just for future reference in case you'd like to use that method.

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