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    I've run into some issues debugging code and started to get annoyed with writing in special SQL to clean up stuff or research things, then just comment it out.

    I decided to write a really basic DB Debugging Scene that you can add to an App to help with this. I thought this would be a great thing to Open Source and let people add to it features that would make it better and help everyone.

    I'll attach the assistant and model files so everyone can play with it. Current functionality is just a text box that allows you to type SQL statements into, a button to click and run them, and the results or errors displayed at the bottom.

    I currently limit the row rendering to 10 rows, if you return more than that.

    This can be used to test scripts before they are put into the app or (what I use it more for) to query the DB and verify the data you tried to write is what you though.

    I don't know if the best place for something like this is at the webos-internals wiki. I'm using this to try to get the next version of Word Whirl out, so I haven't looked at putting it there yet.

    To use this in an existing App, just change the database name in the openDatabase call at the top, to your DB.

    Oh, and a handy query is:
    SELECT * FROM sqlite_master
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