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    Glad to see the app in the homebrew catalog. Thanks for coordinating getting it there, troy...
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    Well, now we have the app in the catalog. I think its over 1000 downloads now.

    So where do we go from here?

    I think we need to separate out some responsibilities. There is a lot of work that is needed on the data side. I have been sending myself the GPS radio coordinates and have been graphing the data. I have some ideas for cleaning up the data as it comes in. This is what I would like to focus on.

    We also need to work on:
    - splitting out the scene to show the extra statistics
    - metric and standard measurements (I have the data code ready. Just need the UI to enable it)
    - Finishing a run (Display a final summary page or something)
    - Making sure pause actually pauses the GPS and stops the distance tally
    - Get the power and activity functions working so the GPS doesn't time out after 15 minutes

    I am sure there is other buggy behavior that needs to be ironed out.
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    You guys rock, thanks for putting your time into this app!
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    I think I fixed the 15 minute timeout issue.

    I will upload tomorrow so us testers can test.

    I also implemented a popup message showing distance every 5 minutes.
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    Can we have a few testers try out this build?

    It should fix the 15 minute timeout issue. It will display a message in the message bar with the current distance every 5 minutes. Hopefully we can add another notification at each mile and have it customizable by the user.
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    So does anyone have feedback on the build i posted?

    I thought the tracker stayed active after the 15 minute mark. I left it running while I was driving and it looked like it stayed alive. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Troy, I'll try it out this weekend and let you know.
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    I tried out the new code this afternoon. I left it running for an hour and there were no apparent timeout issues. Nice work!
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    I am almost ready for a dev release that includes a copy paste GPX export.

    The body of an email will contain the file and will just need to be copied and pasted into a file and saved as a GPX.

    Any tester??
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    I'll test it later this week - probably wednesday. That sounds great.
    Thanks for keeping up the development. I still have some ideas for stuff to add, but every time I sit down to look at the code, I get overwhelmed and don't make much progress. I'm still hoping to get to it - keep up the great work you've been doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troymiller View Post
    I am almost ready for a dev release that includes a copy paste GPX export.

    The body of an email will contain the file and will just need to be copied and pasted into a file and saved as a GPX.

    Any tester??
    could the new upload/download APIs in the 1.2 sdk be incorporated into FitTrack?
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    Here is the newest build.

    After you start your workout. Let it run for a bit and click pause. The Email GPX button will appear and open the emailer with the text of the GPX as the body. Send it to yourself, save it as a GPX file, and open in a program like google earth.

    I looked at the upload/download API but it seems like the pre would need to become a web server in order to link to and download a file. I will keep looking for options.

    Chiefplt, let me know if you want me to explain the code to you. The whole point of OO is to make things easier to work with. The code is still not where I want it but it is getting better.
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    Great work on the GPX email capability. It's very cool! I just tested it out and here are my results:

    - Overall it worked very well. I had no problems emailing the file, saving it as a GPX and then I could actually upload it to It imported perfectly, so you must have gotten the GPX syntax perfect. Great job.

    - There is a bit of a discrepancy in the run information between the FitTrack UI and the GPX information imported by mapmyrun. FitTrack tells me I ran 3.12 miles in 29:19 with an average speed of 6.39 mph. Once I import the GPX, mapmyrun says that I ran 3.17 in 30:27 with an average speed of 6.21 mph.

    So in general, the GPX works very well, but it's a little funny that the data is different on the GPX and on the FitTrack UI. The distance I can understand as being algorithm differences - it's pretty slight.

    I'm more concerned about the time. Over 1 minute difference in the course of 30 minutes is a pretty big variance. I know the code simply runs in a loop with a repeat of 1000 ms to update the on-screen timer. Perhaps that isn't the best way to calculate the time for the timer. Perhaps we should be going off the system clock instead of just a ms delay.

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    Just ran a quick test with my Pre running FitTrack next to a stopwatch. FitTrack said 23:30, stopwatch said 23:27. Not as big a variance as earlier, but the Pre wasn't moving, so perhaps the variance was smaller because the code was processing less since the data points weren't moving? I forgot to grab the GPX from that run to see what it said. I'll try that test later...
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    Shouldn't average speed be time/miles? Chiefplt ran 3.12 miles in 29.19 with average speed of 6.39. That's a fast mile! 29.19/3.12 = 9.36.

    Great work Troy. I am really enjoying your app. I will be testing the GPX this afternoon.
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    Average speed is miles / hour. Pace is minutes / mile. 6.39 is mph. The average pace was something like 9.4.
    Last edited by chiefplt; 10/01/2009 at 05:43 PM. Reason: typo mistake
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    Bummer. Just ran a 5K using FitTrack and it messed up entirely. The app shows the distance as 3.72 miles when it should have been 3.1. I uploaded the GPX to mapmyrun and it shows the distance as 0.90 miles and time as 35:19 when the actual time was 28:24.

    One thing that was different is that I usually run with the music player on and that seems to help keep the application active. This time I didn't have music on and while I was running the application wasn't updating regularly - it showed .08 miles until I stopped it when the distance jumped to 3.72.

    I'll test some more next week...
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    Thanks for all the testing.

    I am almost finished with an update that will allow the summery data for the run like average pace, speed, and distance will be sent with the GPX. This should help with the data debugging. What I need is the data samples from one of these runs that messes up. Mine keep working correctly so i cant debug it myself.
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    So I ran a little test with the GPX functionality. It looks like mapmyrun's GPX distance calculation is off. I imported a GPX from my pre into some high end GIS software I have at work and the FitTrack distance was right on while the mapmy run showed a higher value. Try importing that same GPX into google earth and see what it says the distance is.
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