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  • FitTrack

    23 35.94%
  • OnTrack

    15 23.44%
  • TrackStar

    7 10.94%
  • OpenTrack

    19 29.69%
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    I tested it on a 3 mile run today and it worked great. I had no problem with shutoff (I listen to drPodder when running).

    Suggestion on pace: The pace as it is implemented now is pretty much worthless to me. It jumps around a lot. What I'd like is for the app to do a simple calculation for pace per mile instead of using the GPS. So, if I've run a half mile in 5 minutes, it shows a 10 min pace. If I do 2.5 miles in 23:05, it shows a 9:14 pace. It could be recalculated every so many seconds or tenths of a mile.

    Thanks for continuing the development of this fantastic app!
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    I tried to work on saving records this weekend and displaying them, but didn't get too far. Looks like someone else has an app in the homebrew scene that looks like a fork of PreTracker as well with a lot more functionality. Unfortunately, it's going to be a paid app. I'd love to keep this development going and have something comparable for free...
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    Yeah I looked at that other GPS app but I think it is not going to clean the GPS data like our app will. Also I had already wanted to add a calorie burning calculator so I think there is going to be more crossover as we continue development.

    Well shall we call it? I know 12 - 9 - 9 is close but it has been a week and I think we need to release a version to show it is still in development.

    I think I am pretty close to releasing my latest code on svn so by the time we change the name over I want to up the number on the release to version 0.7.
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    Let's declare a time and close the poll and just pick the name with the most votes. It's close, but we may as well go with the results of the poll. I'd say pick a time that coincides with when you're ready to release your code. How about the end of the week? Friday midnight? Or sooner if you think you'll be ready with your code sooner...
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    I really think FitTrack is the best option because the title gives two clues about the app functions (fitness related, and tracking). OpenTrack sounds like it could be a bills management app or an open source database app.

    Please vote FitTrack!
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    I agree with Galtish, OpenTrack alludes to the development of the app, but not its function. FitTrack is more descriptive. The average person doesn't care whether an app is open source or not.

    But I'm willing to go by the results of the poll...
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    I pretty much like all the names in the poll but the one thing I don't want to do is have to change the name again if this FitTrack or OnTrack company sends us a copyright violation notification. I know it is unlikely but if our app get popular then we will get noticed.

    I think it will be obvious because it will be in the health and fitness category and have a description of the app wherever it is going to be downloaded.

    I think I will be ready by today but just in case I am not why don't we set the cut off for Wednesday?
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    I've found two different companies marketing something called "FitTrack". But... I also did a trademark search and found nothing. So I don't think these companies actually have a legal right to the name. So I don't think we can get in trouble for trademark violation or anything. That means we could trademark the name, but it looks like that costs on the order of $500 which probably means it isn't worth it.

    Incidentally, there is a trademark listed for OpenTrack and OnTrack. Here is where I'm searching: Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

    But my position is that I don't really think the trademark issue matters all that much since we're not going to purchase rights to a name anyway...

    I like Wednesday as a cut off. Let's make it firm:

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    Well there we go. Sounds like we don't need to worry about trademark issues.

    Thanks for the research!
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    Trying to do fundamental things like End an Exercise, Save an Exercise. Anything out there?
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    We don't currently have the capability to save an exercise. That's in the works...

    Ending an exercise is just done by pausing and never resuming. Without the capability to save, ending doesn't really do anything anyway.

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    I've been screen shotting the results to track my runs, just a suggestion for now.
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    I am going to start pushing my code to svn. I hope we have a name by the end of the day.
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    As a voter for open track, i care more about the app then the name. if it stays a tie please move my vote to fit track.
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    FitTrack it is!!!

    I sent a message to the moderators and they set me up with dev access. I am going to work on posting a new thread in the homebrew section and posting the app to the app catalog.

    Before I do that I am going to compile the latest version on svn. I would like feedback from our testers before posting to the app catalog.
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    Here is the latest release.

    It uses my GPS objects and my attempt to make the speed smoother. It uses the velocity from the GPS but also calculates the distance and time between each point to calculate speed as well.

    Please give feedback so we can post this to the homebrew apps
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    Can't see it on the homebrew list for some reason. When I click on your link, I get permission denied...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefplt View Post
    Can't see it on the homebrew list for some reason. When I click on your link, I get permission denied...
    Yeah they have not approved it yet.
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    Still not approved? What's the deal?
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