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    I'm trying to create an image map for my new program, but it isn't working. Is there some better way for me to implement this rather than an image map?
    I know that I did something wrong because it doesn't work when I launch it. I see the image but nothing happens when I click.

    The area tag in my scene view is..

    <area name="CS" shape="rect" coords="27,2,47,102" href="" alt="" title="" onClick="this.handleCSButton()">

    I have handleCSButton() set up in the scene assistant as

    RootAssistant.prototype.handleCSButton = function(event) {

    I'm a pretty big newbie to all of this (background in Java and C++, very very little in HTML and Javascript) so this is my first time to ever even mess around with Image Maps. From the code sample I posted can anybody tell me what I did wrong? If anybody could help me, or at least point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thank you!
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    I am trying to do this same thing. I am not sure what is wrong. anything with this.controller preceding will not work.

    Also, calling the function like this onClick="this.handleCSButton()" would not work either. I had to call the full thing.


    But every other step plays out just not the this.controller ones. Ill let ya know if I figure it out.

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