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    Since the developers at Palm don't have the time to help people with their installation issues I figured I would try here since there is 146+ apps already developed someones having better luck than me.

    I have WinXP x64, 64-bit JAVA installed, VirtualBox v2.2.4 installed, and the problem lies within the SDK. I've installed the SDK over VMWARE on Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x32 bit and those installed fine (but of course can't run virtualbox inside a virtual OS).

    I keep getting the rollback at 100%. And before I re-partition my drive I wanted to try every last thing before installing a 2nd OS.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I just experienced that dreaded rollback issue with my WinXP Pro 64-bit laptop. I tried several different things that I've read on various web sites, but still can't get it to install.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    yea i ended up just doing the 2nd partition and installing windows 7. works perfectly now.

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