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    I should have some time this weekend and have a few bucks bux to burn if someone wants to give me a brief tutorial over the phone and being remoted into my laptop???

    The only thing I want someone to go over with me is the following (I learn better when I see it done)....

    The patching used in the webos internal. I can make normal adjustments the old way by un commenting and simple stuff but I soooo don't understand this newer methods.

    also while setting up a few things I'm having a small snag im sure it would take one of you smart guys 5 minutes to fix

    This probably shouldn't take anymore than 20 or 30 minutes for someone who knows what there doing.

    I'm not completely dense and understand a good majority of the stuff but I just have a few questions and I cant seem to get on the right page.
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    I'll help you out for free..

    Send me a PM with some contact info and I'll try my best to help you.
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    Same here. If you ever need help with anything you ever might need in the future go ahead and PM me.
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