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    I had a suggestion for all you app developers. I've been going to a lot of theme parks this summer and thought it would be extra cool to have a GPS app where you can see a map of the park and touch a ride and get the shortest route. It could maybe include all the other park stuff like food, games, restrooms, smoking areas, etc. If a specific park wanted to get into the development you could also include wait times which would, of course, be updated by park employees or other guests using the app. An alarm could also be used for meet ups if you and your friends wanted to split up and meet at a certain spot. The alarm would ring and the GPS could instantly pop up the route to the meet up spot. The sad part is that I never bring my phone into the park out of fear of losing it on a ride.
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    Sounds like it might start with Google Maps and a very detailed park map...
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    That's a really good idea! Bet there isn't an iphone app for that? :P

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