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    I've been trying to change my carrier string on my pre for the longest!!!! but to no avail, i havent managed to do this...i went to webos internals to figure everything out, but when i managed to change my carrier's name, i dont know how the fell to get out of the lunasysmgr...when i do, it jus goes to the next line!!!!! PLEASE SOME ONE CAN MAKE A PATCH THAT WOULD BE EASIER FOR ME TO DO THIS!!! OR A COPPY AND PASTE???
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    Duct tape.

    Sorry, was in a stupid mood. Duct tape will not help.
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    1. after you change it press escape button
    2. then type this in to save a quit: :wq
    3. then type in: pkill LunaSysMgr
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    im gonna try it right now
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    and where do i apply this...@ the top, the bottom, where? lol?
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    when you press escape just type and it appears at the bottom
  7.    #7 I have a problem...your help is greatly appreciated, but now I have a white bar @ the there an original patch that I can use?
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    My bad...I'm a there a link?
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    you probably changed the color of something
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    I kinda added lines and forgot to remount it...I tried remounting it...but it didn't work....
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    He added random lines. Hopefully you backed up the files you edited, if not its time to go to the doctor.
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    consider setting up winscp; it allows you to edit using the txt editor in windows, making it much easier to get to where you want and edit what you want.

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