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    The idea is a rip off of a game my friend had on his iphone. Its an archery game, has 2 stick figures with bows. All you see is your guy and you try and hit the other, the more times you hit him the more the life bar goes down. Game play alternates, you him you him, etc... You shoot by dragging you finger back on the screen, the further back the further it goes, also the angle of launch is where on the screen you start on. This SHOULD be fairly easy to do? Its stick figures (so not much for graphics), hardest part is the match for the power/angles of launch, and the animation for showing/following the arrow.

    I would do it myslef but I have no programming skills! If anyone wants to venture to make it, I will be happy to test it!
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    That game sounds like a rip off of "Gorillas"
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    yeah, its a good game. but its definitely not a "new game idea" i've played it on
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    What's the name of the iphone app?
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    or archery
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    I've played it on both my ipod touch and at
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    Thw game is bowman, and its been out for at least 5 years. Nice "idea"
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