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    So i figured this would be the best place to post this. This morning for the second time I awoke to my Pre's battery being drained. Last night I went to be @ 3am with the battery @ 70%. I woke @ 9:45 and it was dead. I have gone to bed with the battery @ 40% to awake with it needing a charge, but not completely dead. Each Night it has happened I listened to PREPOD, Browsed the Web and watched about 20 mins of A movie before closing everything and falling asleep. I am thinking that maybe an app is not actually closing when i throw the card away. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?
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    Yeah I have. But its not all the time. The first time I noticed it was when at my g/f house and it goes into roaming. Well it makes its annoying sounds to let you know it can't find a network. With a battery of 87% when I go to sleep @10pm to have no phone on at 6:30am.

    So whenever I sleep at my house I have a battery % of 90 or better. When I wake up its at 70% or better. On both times I never had anything running or cards still open. I figured out it was the roaming and searching it does to drain the battery. Don't know if this will help but I figured I need to carry my usb cord with me whenever I go to my G/F house.
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    In my case its the same house. I know the searching drains, but it should have everyday right? I'm thinking I should do a restart before going to bed to end any unseen processes...also come to think of it, when closing prepod I threw the card off, then it poped back down for a second and the poof it went away once it was done exiting or something...idk I love prepod so I will have to just keep an eye on it...

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