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    I believe I have a great idea for an app, but I currently do not have the know how/experience to code it myself. Also, having recently had a baby... time is a bit of a luxury. I am able to generally read code and know what it is trying to do, but I do not have any experience with Java.

    I believe this app could sell for $10 to $15 eventually, with possibly even a pro version selling at $20 to $30. There is also an option for a basic free version.

    I am attempting to find a developer that would be willing to code it and what the potential costs involved would be. While free is great, I understand it takes time and effort to create.

    The app would essentially be pulling information from a couple websites and displaying it in a friendly unified manner. I also would have plans to include some of the unique features available by running it on the phone.

    Thank you
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    Really, you'll need a developer familiar with the Mojo SDK and Javascript, not Java.

    What's your timeframe?
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    No specific time frame.
    Just believe I have a great/useful idea for an app.

    I guess time wise is just wanting to beat out someone with a similar idea :}
    It would also be nice to have it polished and ready for the Palm App Catalog when it goes live.

    For now just getting a basic beta for testing/feedback on the Homebrew Catalog would be good.

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