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    I've searched and haven't heard anything about a Sprint Payment app...or is this safe to do over the web?

    I'd like to be able to view my minutes without navigating Sprints regular website.

    Any thoughts?
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    Honestly, i think you should do this one on the web. I wouldn't trust "unofficial" programs with my debit/credit card info...i worked too hard for that.
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    yeah, i dont think there would be a way for someone to do this without sprint specifically allowing it. sprint doesnt provide an API for accessing their information so it would be quite difficult for a third party to make one
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    It's actually very easy. It just requires some parsing/DOM manipulation.

    I'm not exactly sure how Sprint does it since I don't have a Pre yet, but for ATT, I make an online account and I can check my minutes and data usage online anywhere simply with my number and a password that I specified.

    If Sprint has a similar system, you could easily make a palm app which takes just your login (doesn't have to be your credit/debit card) and parse through the webpage and show you the information you really want.

    Impossible? No. Annoying? Yes. Insecure? Depends on the developer, but considering any third party app that asks for a pw is "insecure", no.
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