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    Few questions about WebOS QuickInstall if someone wouldn't mind answering them for me.

    I did the "Download in Web Browser" tweak, but I don't think it's working? I don't really know how to test it, but when I open a sound file from my email, it opens the browser, than the music app and doesn't give the option to save.

    PDF in landscape. Works GREAT. Just curious if there is any plans to adding the email in landscape to this as well. That would be incredible.

    Add/Delete launcher pages. I clicked the box, let the phone do it's thing, and nothing happened? The box stayed checked as if the hack took place, but I only had 3 pages and it didn't give me the option to add more. Not sure how that is supposed to work. I really just wanted one more page to move all the homebrew apps over.

    Where do I get the other hacks that have been re-written to work with QuickInstall? I would love to get text forwarding tweak put into place as a tweak that is easily reversible. I know some linux, but I am not comfortable doing it myself. I feel better just installing a file and removing the tweak if I choose. Not sure why, but I just don't feel comfortable messing with the phone like a computer. At least with my computer I can just toss in an install disc and be done with it. Which leads me to my last question:

    If I use the WebOS Doctor just to clean up the phone and start fresh, will the Palm Profile work properly? I remember reports of people using the Doctor and having to start fresh, something about the Palm Profile login information not working properly. Just curious if that is still a problem. Also, will the Palm Profile thing still reinstall all the apps and everything after a Doctor visit?

    I know it's a lot, so thanks in advance to anyone who gets around to answering all the questions. Thanks guys. To the Devs, please keep up the incredible work. I swear the homebrew apps are used on my phone more than the standard ones.

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    I think the download files only works in the web browser, but i haven't tested it in the email app. For the add/delete launcher pages, you have to use the pop up menu. once in the launcher, in the top left corner it says launcher>. click that the scroll down menu should have the options to add/ delete a page.

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